react components

In my day to day work I use a lot of different open-source react components and here and there I contribute back to that community. Here are some of the more prominent ones I've worked on, though you can see all my open source work in my github activity feed...

react banner

One of the more complex components in the webpack docs site was the banner, so we decided to abstract and open source it as an npm package. We distributed it as react-banner and I still maintain and use it in few projects.

react banner demo

The component allows some cool features common to many site headers and banners. These include a dynamic search bar and child links...

react banner advanced

react breadcrumbs

While working on CrossLink, the complexity of the sitemap started to reach the point where it became necessary to add breadcrumbs. I poked around to see what was out there that was compatible with react-router and landed on react-breadcrumbs which allowed more customization of what's shown than some other automatic generators.

All was working well, and then react-router@4 was released with some significant breaking changes. These changes basically called for a ground-up rewrite of the package, and since no one else had started it, I started talking it through with the maintainer and a few other users. Once we had a good plan, I submitted a pull request that basically revamped the whole package to support react-router@4. Here's what it looks like in action...

react breadcrumbs